The dental profession cannot exist without constant updating, not only in the science field but also in the field of new materials and new equipment.


Professor Labanca has always been committed not only to his profession, always taking care of his patients in person, but also to research and teaching. Consultant and Key Opinion Leader for leading dental companies and international lecturer and author of several books, many articles and some DVDs, he is not only constantly updated on the news in the field, but in reality he is very often the creator and implementer of novelties. His patients will be able to always find in his practice the most new and updated techniques there are, without the need of having to look elsewhere for the most recent.

The scientific, congressional and teaching fields have benefited from Professor Labanca’s presence for years, who is in demand not only in Italy but also abroad as a requested and appreciated speaker and trainer. His scientific publications have often been the point of reference (sometimes pioneering) for colleagues on issues that are always of great interest and relevance.

Authentic Smile

In the Fizz Show column, a radio show hosted by Alessandro Fizzotti and Silvia Poletti, you can listen to Prof. Mauro Labanca’s insights and all his answers to the questions that listeners send to the editorial staff.

Labanca Open Academy

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