The Staff

Monica Marsicano

Front office & administration

Her smile and her kindness welcome every person entering the practice.
The experience and passion put into her work make Monica an irreplaceable member of the team.
Monica knows by heart the schedule of Prof. Labanca and it is she who manages to find the perfect date for each patient.

Serena Strangio

Dental assistant

Dino Gianotti


He collaborates with this practice, with great pleasure and satisfaction, since 2011.
Dino is available to all and to patients in particular. An active member of the team that makes up the practice, he contributes significantly to the health of patients and to the maintenance of the works, which are subsequently carried out.

Morena Pravettoni


Dr. Andrea Milani


After acquiring a degree in Dentistry at the University of Pavia, Andrea Milani has collaborated with the Department of Gnathology of the University Hospital S. Matteo in Pavia since 2007. Andrea is a multidisciplinary dentist who primarily deals with gnathology (area of dentistry that studies and treats temporomandibular disorders), sleep disorders dentistry (the branch that faces the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome) and sports dentistry (the branch of dentistry that deals with the protection of the athlete and the improvement of competitive results). The presence of a gnathologist in a Dental Practice allows the management of orofacial pain and the monitoring of the temporomandibular joint in patients who are attending prosthetic and orthodontic rehabilitation (through the use of the digital axiographic evaluation tools). This kind of specialist is particularly focused on patients who have joint pain and/or joint noises, limitations in opening the mouth, disorder for obstructive sleep syndromes, ear pains, headaches and neck pain that cannot be treated by related medical specialists.

Dr. Antonella Ferro


Antonella graduated in Medicine and specialized in Orthodontics. She has been working for over 20 years in this field that is no longer just for children. In fact, not only children wear “braces”, but more and more adults have realized the importance of a better smile and a correct occlusion, even thanks to the clever use of invisible devices (Invisalign). With her friendly and effervescent personality, with the children and their parents, on days when she is present the practice’s atmosphere becomes more animated than usual. Her vast experience and expertise in the field make her always very honest and direct when it comes to preliminary assessments and she always gets satisfying results at the end of the treatments.

Dr. Paola Malusardi


Paola graduated in Medicine and Surgery, specializing in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. She has many years of experience as an anaesthesiologist at hospitals and as an anaesthesiologist in general surgery at private nursing homes, but always with a focus on deep sedation. This discipline is deceptively simple, because in reality it requires great skill and experience to bring the patient into a state of relaxation and drowsiness, but without totally sedating him or without total loss of consciousness. With her alchemy, she is the one who manages to sedate tense or agitated patients or make any long and difficult surgery more bearable. Thanks to the monitors of the practice, even the more concerned patients or the more complex operations can be managed with the security of being awake and the certainty of being in the hands of our alchemist doctor in charge of beautiful dreams.

Dr. Antonio Turetta

Physiatrist & Acupuncturist

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Antonio Turetta is a Physiatrist, Psychosomatic Psychotherapist and Expert in natural – unconventional medicines: acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, Bach flowers, static magnetic field therapy for pains, food intolerance tests, homeopathic mesotherapy for skin imperfections and psychotherapy.

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