Comfort, hygiene and safety

The practice of Prof. Mauro Labanca was designed to accommodate patients in an area where comfort, hygiene and safety are the main pillars.
Every detail has been designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible: colours, lights and music, allow everyone to relax and not feel like they are in a traumatic or unpleasant situation.
Present for 27 years in the same location and with the same head dentist, the practice of Prof. Mauro Labanca is a concrete and historical point of reference for his patients, as well as a guarantee of trust.

Prof Labanca treats each patient personally, he follows the path to recovery and collaborates with other professionals to ensure the most targeted and effective treatments possible. International speaker, he gives top priority to anyone who chooses to be a patient in his practice and ensures his presence, continuing education, and technical innovation in spite of his activity being also devoted to scientific research and training.

The practice is located in the centre, on Corso Magenta 32, it is easily accessible by public transport and fully computerized and highly innovative, designed to meet every expectation and requirement.

The practice is also designed to welcome disabled patients and is divided into:

  • Front desk
  • Waiting room
  • Administrative area
  • Sterilization area in the centre of the practice office and visible to patients for absolute transparency of the procedures
  • Three operating areas dedicated to different specialties (Oral Hygiene and Prevention, Surgery, Conservative Dentistry and Prosthetics)
  • Private areas for staff and co-workers

The practice offers the utmost in cutting-edge instrumentation and together with a highly professional team it is able to maintain a high quality standard.

Some of the instruments at the disposal of the practice are:

  • Machine for covering shoes at the entrance to guarantee greater hygiene inside the practice
  • Intraoral camera to view with the patient what we are talking about
  • Software dedicated to the patient with pictures and videos for a better understanding of the proposed procedures
  • Monitor and headphones to the chair to watch movies or listen to music during therapy
  • Use of the piezosurgery for bone surgery, which is safer and atraumatic
  • Surgical motors of the latest generation, touch screen with digital recording of the forces used during interventions
  • Different types of titanium implants in order to meet your specific needs
  • Digital radiology with a very low Rx exposition (with the possibility to receive radiographs via e-mail)
  • Different ultrasound equipment with different intensities for sessions of oral hygiene even on particular sensitive patients
  • Ultrasound equipment dedicated to the management of periodontal pockets
  • Latest generation autoclaves for sterilization with a visible sterilization area for a greater transparency and a worry free patient

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