Gnathology is the branch of odontology that deals with skull mandibular disorders. Gnathology (from the greek gnathòs: jaw) shows and treats all disorders related to the temporomandibular joint: joint sounds while opening and closing the mouth, headache, orofacial pain in the area of the ear, neck pain and mandibular blocks.
After a precise diagnostic phase (which includes the digital recording of mandibular movements) this discipline allows the personalized treatment of various problems.
The use of different therapeutic protocols (most of them involve the use of occlusal splints) aims at restoring the neuromuscular balance of the stomatognatic apparatus.


The bite, or occlusal gnathological splint, is a medical device created in the dental laboratory according to the specific clinical needs of the patient. Like a tailored suit, the transparent resin plate perfectly covers the teeth of an arch and allows the improvement of craniomandibular functions during the night, in order to cure painful symptoms and prevent tooth wear due to bruxism and clenching.
The self-modeling bites bought in chemistries are often useless or even counterproductive to handle joint or occlusal pathologies and for this reason they shouldn’t be taken into consideration as a “cheaper” or easier alternative to the personalized bites created after a careful and functional evaluation of the patient’s mouth.


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